Building Curriculum Diversity: Analytical Essays

Much of the public debate about diversifying classical music has been about discovering the composers themselves, this article focuses on resources for music theory classrooms.

Six Easy Ways to Immediately Address Racial and Gender Diversity in Your Music History Classroom

Six ideas and practices that can be implemented in courses that immediately address the topic of racial and gender diversity in the classroom and we are mentioned in #2!

#HearAllComposers: Straining Our Ears, Amplifying Our Voices

“About a year ago I made the decision only to review concerts with at least one woman (or trans or nonbinary) composer on the program”, writes author, Rebecca Lentjes.  

Classical Music’s Diversity Crisis: Time to Change the Tune

Chi-chi Nwanoku, founder of Europe’s first professional orchestra of black and minority ethnic musicians, speaks to Sam Brown about the challenges facing the classical music world in 2017.

12 ‘Impressionist’ Composers Not Named Debussy or Ravel

Twelve composers, women and men, who fit the Impressionist composer label.

Candy Floss and Merry-Go-Rounds: Female Composers, Gendered Language, and Emotion

“Your music is direct, lyrical, expressive. When a man writes like that, it’s brave and admirable; it’s going against type. But when a woman writes like that, it can be seen as sentimental and indulgent.”

Don’t Hire Me. Hire A Female Composer Instead

Only 1.8% of music programmed by major U.S. orchestras was written by women. Women make up over half the world’s population, but you still won’t find their creative voices in the concert hall.

Musical Assumptions: Music Theory Examples by Women

Molly Murdock and Ben Parsell have put up an exceptionally interesting website that provides examples written exclusively by women of music theory concepts.

Sisters Doing It For Themselves: Radical Motets From a 16th-Century Nunnery

A newly unearthed collection of choral music is unlike any other music of its time. Who composed it? All the evidence points to the youngest daughter of Lucrezia Borgia.

Women Are Making Opera. And It’s Not Easy.

For the first time in more than 100 years, the Met is performing an opera written by a woman, Kaija Saariaho’s “L’Amour de Loin.”

Female Composers in Games Industry See Gender-Based Pay Penalty, New Study Finds

In the rarified world of game music composition, there’s one thing that’s even more rare — equal pay for female composers.

Sexism is Rife in Classical Music

Why is sexism still tolerated in our industry? We need an immediate and total change in attitudes across the board.