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A non-profit educational company and publisher of high-quality easily-accessible materials striving to elevate the visibility of women composers and theorists.

Music By Women

Music Theory

Search music composed by women and theoretical writings written by women sorted by teachable concept. Examples include printable scores, audio recordings, and analysis guides. Use these works in your classroom or study them yourself to broaden your understanding of Western classical music.

Composers and Theorists

Composers & Theorists

Learn about women composers and theorists from the Medieval era through the 21st Century. Read their histories, listen to their compositions, and learn about their contributions to the world of music.

Our Publications

Find music composed by women in beautiful new editions from Music by Women Publishing. These east-to-print digital scores include new translations and performance notes.

Read the Music by Women Journal for new articles, lesson plans, score studies, and opinion pieces. This fresh content will spark curiosity and deepen your understanding of Western music.


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Posters & Stickers

Buy Music by Women posters featuring amazing women and men composers throughout history. Display these beautifully-drawn portraits in your classroom or your home. Representation matters. 

Explore the Companion Guides full of teaching ideas and classroom materials that come with the posters.

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