DEI Talks: An Interview with the Music Theory Examples by Women Project

Molly Murdock and Ben Parsell, the founders of Music Theory Examples by Women had the honor of being interviewed by Anna Rose Nelson for an article in Music & Politics in the Moment.  

Movers and Shapers in Classical Music: Black Women Composers Making an Impact Today

Joel Thomas hosts a compelling conversation highlighting the groundbreaking work of Black composers with guests Jessie Montgomery, Jasmine Arielle Barnes, and Mason Bynes.

UM Pianist Maeve Brophy Highlights Work of Little Known Black and Female Classical Composers

After doing some research, Brophy said she found an entire catalog of black composers that she had never learned about in the education she received at predominately white institutions.

The Glass Curtain

Classical music’s problem with women. An essay by Anna Goldsworthy, a writer, and pianist.

Earliest Known Church of England Hymn by Female Composer Found

Jane Savage’s carol from 1785 was unearthed during research into charity hospital music and will be performed at Ely Cathedral.

‘Fullnaming’ Mozart and Beethoven to fight sexism and racism? Twitter squabbles over Slate article

Twitter is having a meltdown over a Slate article which encourages the “fullnaming” of canonic composers in an effort to end sexism and racism in the classical music industry.

The Women Who Invented Video Game Music

Composers like Eímear Noone and Manami Matsumae created some of the most iconic songs in games that have defined the industry.

Is Classical Music Exclusionary?

In VOX’s Switched on Pop podcast, Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding make a radical claim: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is exclusionary against women, as well as sexual and ethnic minorities.

Black Scholars Confront White Supremacy in Classical Music

The field must acknowledge a history of systemic racism while also giving new weight to Black composers, musicians, and listeners.

A Conversation With Members Of The Iranian Female Composers Association

Around 30 members of the Iranian Female Composers Association (IFCA) joined Bridgid Bergin for an hour-long conversation showcasing how composers have been navigating quarantine life, interrogating gender identity and societal issues in iran, and highlights how IFCA has cultivated a community all within the digital realm.

Fame at Last for the World’s Forgotten Female Composers

A database of female composers has been put online in France in an attempt to overturn what critics say is centuries of male domination of classical music.

‘Our Voice Matters’: Promoting Female Composers in Classical Music

Her innovative style and ability to draw music out of anyone are part of what makes Ms. Assad a repeat contributor at the Albany Symphony in New York.