Composer Information

Birth - April 11, 1779 | Berlin, Germany

Death - November 17, 1826 | Hamburg, Germany

Nationality - German

Era - Classical

Composer Biography

Written by: Trevor Nelson

Louise Reichardt was the daughter of J. F. Reichardt and his wife, Juliane. Decidedly middle class, Louise received some informal education from her father and family friends but was primarily self-taught. Many prominent figures in the German Romanticism movement, such as the Grimm brothers, Joseph von Eichendorff, and Ludwig von Arnim, were frequent guests at the Reichardt home and were known to have admired Louise’s song settings and singing ability. In 1809, she settled in Hamburg, where she made a living as a singing teacher; she also organized and directed a women’s chorus. She played a significant role in the formation of the German choral movement, a driving force in nineteenth-century musical nationalism. She composed more than 75 songs and choral pieces, running the gamut of styles. Many of them evoke folk characteristics, with their lyrical melodies and simple piano accompaniments.

See Also

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